Sunday, April 10, 2011

Parentile Dysfunction

Mama, why does my peepee get pointy sometimes?  I tried to push on it, but it won’t go in.
Jack said this to me last week when he and I were home alone and I was able to skirt the whole issue by telling him that I wasn’t really sure, because I didn’t have one, but that I was pretty sure he shouldn’t try to push it in.  This answer seemed good enough.  Case closed.  And how much cuter could he possibly be?

Fast forward to tonight:
Mama, my peepee is pointy again.  Here, feel it.
Is this gonna become a thing?  Isn’t he a little young to talk to about, um, anatomy?  Oh, God, what if he starts discussing his, um, business at school?  Should I retain counsel?
This time I was ready.  I had a plan.  With a bright smile, I said,  I have an idea!  Daddy’s right in the office.  Let’s go ask him.  He knows aaaaaaall about that stuff.  
We walked into the office, and I explained that ‘we’ had a question that he could probably answer better than me, then I got the hell out of there.
I smiled as I overheard my husband explain that sometimes it just pops right up, and the best thing to do is leave it alone.  There were some finer points that I couldn’t quite hear,  but the whole conversation seemed to have a ‘technical’ quality to it - which made me smile even more - like a really surreal episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy!
I feel a little better now, because after they were done with their discussion, I heard Derek ask Jack if he had any other questions.  And Jack said, Yeah, how come Hulk isn’t as strong as Superman?
There’s my baby boy!  For now...


  1. That's so cute! I am really afraid of boys.... I want to have a son. But being one of four girls I have no idea about boys and am so nervous of dealing with all that challenging boy stuff! I think you did well, and I think I'll be handling it the exact same way :) I'm sure my husband will be doing the same thing for the girl stuff.

  2. Robyn, the first time he mentioned it, I practically had to bite my tongue in half to keep myself from laughing, not only because it was so unexpectedly funny, but so damn cute! I think if I had laughed, he would have been embarrassed, which would have set a bad precedent. I am proud of how 'cool and casual' I acted about the whole thing. BTW, Derek would rather run out in front of a bus than have "that" kind of talk with Peyton, so we're even.

  3. Being a single-child all my life, raised by my mother, and now a mom to a 6 year-old, I'm totally clueless on how to raise boys. So I'm definitely with you there! I guess that's what husbands are for, right ;?

  4. Well, that and taking out the garbage...


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